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Zen Invoice (v 1.8)

Bill Mobile - Print Remote

Zen Invoice is a micro application to generate invoices using personal mobile devices

This gives you freedom to generate invoices from anywhere, even while you are on the move

The invoice copies can be printed at a remote location, like factory or warehouse, from your mobile

ZenInvoice is subscription based, hence less investment

Zen Invoice Features

  • Generate Invoices on the fly using personal devices (Mobile / Tab / Laptop)
  • Print at a remote location like your factory or warehouse from your mobile
  • Generate GST(Sales) Report
  • Generate GST(Purchase) Report
  • Multiple delivery locations for one customer
  • Micro application - Focused feature list to keep the application tiny
  • Remote Printing with Raspberry Pi : No need to have a computer
  • For more details, refer our Remote Printing solution

Benefits to the customer

  • Assured Support
  • High Availability Servers
  • Only What You Need - No fancy features
  • Low investment
  • Designed for Mobile Devices
  • Flexible Subscription Schemes

Release History

  • Ver 1.0 Released on 1st Nov 2020
  • Ver 1.2 Released on 24th Jan 2021
  • Ver 1.5 Released on 1st April 2021
  • Ver 1.6 Released on 4th April 2021
  • Ver 1.8 Released on 26th Sep 2021

Please send mail to info@zenindo.co.in for more information / demo / trial