Remote Printing

Rasberry pi 4

  • This is a customised solution to print documents directly to your printer from a remote location using internet
  • In many small companies , a dedicated computer may not be available to handle invoice generation.
  • In such a scenario, we can recommend our Zen-Invoice product to generate invoices. Our Zen-Invoice application will allow you to generate invoices using a Smart Phone

Remote Printing Solution using Raspberry Pi

  • This will complement our Zen-Invoice product.Even in lue of a computer,this device can be attached to the printer. Our Zen-Invoice product will deliver the print jobs to this device

Touch Screen

  • An optional Touch Screen can be attached to the Raspberry Pi to make it more user friendly and also to use it like a computer
  • This entire solution is customized by us. For more information on Raspberry Pi, please click here

Raspberri Pi Touch Screen
Raspberry Pi 4 case